The Planet's Most Powerful Solar® for $0 Down

Ready to go solar but don’t have the cash? SUNPOWER offers a wide range of financing options that enable you to spread the cost of your solar system over time and start saving money today. All of our leases and loans are designed to keep things simple and make your new SUNPOWER solar system fit both your energy needs and your finances. Contact us for a free estimate today.


Why Solar

The math is actually pretty simple. If your monthly electric bill is more than $100, you could save money every month with SUNPOWER solar electric system. Even if you finance the cost of your system, the loan payment plus your new, lower electric bill will usually be less than your previous statement. This means your savings start immediately, and your system will eventually pay for itself.

Our Promise

AIR SUN, INC. offers more than one way to go solar. Our designers will create a system that not only looks good but is designed to maximize production.  Much of the decision is based on the amount of roof space you have and which direction your home faces.  But in each unique situation, we work hard to ensure that our customers realize maximum value, which means that we help you achieve a faster return on the investment you entrust us with over the long term.

Your Savings

With a SUNPOWER Lease you can go solar and start saving on your electricity bill immediately without a large up-front expense.

You can also take advantage of the Federal tax credits offered when you finance or purchase your system. Owning your system is a smart financial investment which can increase the value of your home.