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FAQ: Solar Warranties

Today we help shine a light on the industry’s best 25-year solar warranty and answer all of your questions.

Q. What’s the advantage of a single warranty on the whole system all from one manufacturer?

A working solar system is composed of many components that turn sunlight into usable power for your home. With our SunPower® solar panel system, all the components are designed and engineered to work together, so you get the confidence of knowing that not only will the system work better together, but also that, should anything go wrong, you have one company, SunPower, backing your entire system -- not just a single component. If there is an issue, you have just one phone call to make.

Q. Is length of coverage the most important part of a manufacturer’s warranty?

While length of coverage is an important factor, it is equally as important to understand how comprehensive that coverage is. If something goes wrong with your system, do you know who to contact, or will you have to juggle amongst multiple manufacturers for your solar panels, inverters, racking and monitoring system, each of which is responsible for only their specific component of your system? It is also important to know that if your system does need repair, are you responsible for additional expenses such as shipping and labor. These considerations that Air Sun Solar took into account when partnering with SunPower and upholding their industry-leading Complete Confidence Warranty.